This course is taught in small groups of 6-8 doctors. The agenda is personalized for each doctor and customized for each practitioner’s interests and practice styles. Insurance tips, patient management and care instructions, as well as marketing pearls are provided to the attending staff members.

The course will be divided into two parts:
Part I : Applied Theory of Botox – didactic material providing the necessary knowledge of the pharmacology of the substance, its indications and contraindications, its side effects, dilution and injection methods, as well pertinent anatomy will be reviewed (4hrs).

Part II : Hands on Clinical Experience – Injections are done by the doctor taking the course under the supervision of Dr. Sky Naslenas. You can bring in your own patient or we will do our best to provide a patient for you. If a staff member is attending the course with the doctor, the staff member can be the patient for the injector in the afternoon (2 hrs).

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Course Brochure



Please Select the Course you wish to register for below. The cost for the doctor’s tuition is $2,350. You may choose to participate in the Hands On Part of the course. The cost of injections is $370. You may bring in your own patient or we can provide a patient for you. Based on overwhelming requests from the past courses, we have also added a staff registration for a fee of $550.